3 Tips For Meeting Adoptive Parents

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As the birth parent, there is no question how difficult the adoption process is for you. However, it can also be challenging for adoptive parents. It is because of this, the first meeting with the adoptive parents can be stress-inducing for both of you. To help the meeting go easier for both you and the adoptive parents, here are some tips. 

Schedule a Conference Call

Before you and the adoptive parents meet face-to-face, consider holding a conference call with them. The meeting can be hosted by the social worker or adoption agency worker who is helping to facilitate the process. The presence of a third party can help break the ice between you and the adoptive parents. 

If you are still not ready to meet with the adoptive parents following the conference call, it is okay to ask for another call. 

Prepare for the Face-to-Face Meeting

The face-to-face meeting is more than just a chance for you to become familiar with the adoptive parents, but also an opportunity for you to share what you want the baby to know with them. Nervousness can cause you to forget some of the details you want to share. To avoid this, write down what you want the adoptive parents to know. 

For instance, you can write down facts about yourself and your family, your goals, and your hopes for the baby. You can even write down questions you want to ask the parents about their lives. 

Know What to Avoid

As equally important as what you should say to the parents is what you should not say. If the adoptive parents have struggled with fertility issues, do not focus on this. However, if they are willing to openly share with their story with you, it is fine to discuss it with them. 

You also should avoid taking a friend or family member with you to the meeting who is not supportive of your decision to place your baby for adoption. If he or she expresses that opinion during the meeting, everyone can be left feeling uncomfortable. Remember, the adoption specialist or social worker will be present at the meeting so he or she can provide you with support, too. 

After the first meeting, you will most likely feel more comfortable meeting with the adoptive parents. The adoption specialist or social worker for your case can help both you and the adoptive parents overcome any anxiety that is felt. Visit http://www.achildsdream.org for more information.   


5 January 2016

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