Does It Have To Be White? Colors And Highlights In Wedding Dresses

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If you're a soon-to-be bride who's planning a wedding and would really like to add a little personality into otherwise conventional proceedings, your dress is the best place to start. You don't have to wear a white dress anymore, and colored dresses -- from solids to two-tone to patterned -- are now finding their way into the wedding chapel. Here are some options to consider for a more personalized walk down the aisle.

Dinner Party and Ball Gowns

Wedding dresses are, at their heart, really fancy ball gowns in white. Maybe the wedding dresses have a little more lace than you'd normally find on a ball gown. Nevertheless, this means that instead of going for a white wedding dress, you can get a very nice, formal ball gown in the color of your choice and use that. Another option is to look for vintage dinner and cocktail party dresses. These don't always look stuffily formal, but they are sweet enough to easily serve as your wedding outfit. These also tend to have a lot of lace, if that's a dress tradition that you don't want to give up.

Both of these types of dresses offer the added advantage of being reusable. All too often, a wedding dress is used once and then stuck in a closet. Maybe it's eventually given away. But if you use a ball gown or dinner dress, you have another outfit to wear if you ever do get a chance to go to a very formal party.

Base and Patterns

Just as you don't have to have a white gown, you don't have to have a gown that's all of another color. Two-toned gowns, from white sheaths covered with colored lace, to ombre dresses where white transitions into another color, to white-based dressed with colorful patterns dotting the fabric, let you match your gown perfectly to your wedding's color scheme.


While a themed dress is often accompanied by a themed wedding, it doesn't have to be. If your family and friends know you like anime or steampunk, for example, you and your partner can have matching outfits that reflect those interests, with colored sections (such as the bodice) and trim to highlight the cut of the gown. The rest of the wedding can follow very conventional traditions if you prefer.

If you want to see more non-white wedding dresses, contact a bridal shop. Colored dresses and white dresses with colors mixed in are becoming more and more common, and shops are now able to order a much wider variety of dresses to suit your taste. Visit sites like for more information. 


21 January 2016

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